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Discussion Questions

Memento Nora:


  1. Why didn’t Nora take the pill? How would her life have been different if she had?
  2. Would you be the same person if you didn’t remember certain things?
  3. Why would you want to forget something? Why would you want to remember?
  4. How does the pill work?
  5. Why does Nora’s mom put up with abuse?
  6. Why have the rich people of Nora’s time retreated to compounds?
  7. How did Micah become homeless?
  8. Who is the Coalition?
  9. What does Nora’s father give her after her first trip to TFC? What does it mean to her?
  10. What does Winter refer to as the hummingbirds?
  11. Why don’t Winter and Micah think it’s a good idea to just upload Memento?
  12. Why does Micah’s mother think the TFC pill is a good thing?


The Forgetting Curve:

  1. Would you rather forget or remember something bad that happened in your life? How has that memory shaped the person you are now?
  2.  Why do you think TFC is trying to manipulate people’s memories?
  3.  If you had your own version of the Book of Velvet, what words to live by would you put in it?
  4.  Aiden thinks of himself as a hacker capable of opening any door. Do you think it’s okay to hack, even if it’s for a good cause?
  5.  Music can be a powerful form of protest. What’s your favorite song about a social injustice or an issue important to you? Why do you like it?

"...a gift for both reluctant and regular readers.”

- Booklist

“…the themes of inquiry and fighting back will resonate
with young and old.”

-School Library Journal

“The novel is taut and lean; Smibert’s prose is quick and fluid…”
–Horn Book Magazine

“Engaging, spirited characters and a plot that can stand on its own…This story could provide great fodder for discussions about the relative roles of government, business and the individual in a world of increasing consolidation and conformity.”

—Children’s Literature