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Underground Comics

In Memento Nora, Micah, Nora, and Winter create an underground comic to share their memories as well as the nefarious things they discover going on in their city with their classmates (and ultimately the world).  Here are a few of Micah’s inspirations.

Maus: a Survivor’s Tale

by Art Spiegelman

Maus (I and II) is the biography of the author’s father, a Polish Jew who survived the Holocaust.  Spiegelman documented his father’s experiences in the concentration camps in graphic novel form.  The finished volumes took about 13 years to write, but the first version of Maus appeared in an underground comic in 1972.

Maus is the only comic book to ever win the Pulitzer Prize (1992).  Spiegelman has also written In the Shadow of No Towers and several other graphic novels.

You can learn more about Maus and see full spreads of the illustration at its Pantheon Comic site.  You can also listen to a fascinating interview with Art Spielgman on NPR. (Check out how he was inspired by Mad.)

Persepolis:  The Story of a Childhood

by Marjane Sartrapi

Persepolis, first published to critical acclaim in France, is the author’s heartbreaking memoir about growing up in Iran (and Europe) during her country’s Islamic Revolution. Satrapi has also written Persepolis II, Chicken and Plums, and Embroideries.

You can learn more about Persepolis and see full spreads at its Pantheon Comic site.

Persepolis was made into an award-winning movie in 2007. (See the trailer below.)


"...a gift for both reluctant and regular readers.”

- Booklist

“…the themes of inquiry and fighting back will resonate
with young and old.”

-School Library Journal

“The novel is taut and lean; Smibert’s prose is quick and fluid…”
–Horn Book Magazine

“Engaging, spirited characters and a plot that can stand on its own…This story could provide great fodder for discussions about the relative roles of government, business and the individual in a world of increasing consolidation and conformity.”

—Children’s Literature