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Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.

-Pablo Picasso

Want to know where some of the ideas or places in the MEMENTO NORA series came from? Check out the individual pages in this section.  Below are some random series inspirations via Pinterest.

Memento Nora Inspirations Pin Board


Videos | Salvage Daw
Winter would love th
Old school ditto mac
25 Essential Graphic
Bridget. (Yes, I nam
Micah Wallenberg liv
Check out this littl
In the future, it do
Believe it or not, t
Robotic Kinetic Log
In Memento Nora, Nor
Tinguely Fountain in



Forgetting Curve Inspirations Pin Board


All you remember mig
This is a surplus NA
In The Forgetting Cu
Clip from an old Pop
The real Rocket Gard



Meme Plague Inspirations Pin Board


Michio Kaku talks ab
Mousey the Junkbot
Photo by albir/Flick
Reuben Margolin, a B
Squishy Circuits --
Oil Peak: World Oil
The Future Forms of
Wearable Electronics
Super Sewable Circui
An Introduction to t
via Antioch - LA sit

"...a gift for both reluctant and regular readers.”

- Booklist

“…the themes of inquiry and fighting back will resonate
with young and old.”

-School Library Journal

“The novel is taut and lean; Smibert’s prose is quick and fluid…”
–Horn Book Magazine

“Engaging, spirited characters and a plot that can stand on its own…This story could provide great fodder for discussions about the relative roles of government, business and the individual in a world of increasing consolidation and conformity.”

—Children’s Literature